Recreational Programs

We have lots of exciting recreational / extra-curricular programs in our preschool. Here are some details on the most popular ones:

Funkey Kids

FUN is KEY to Physical Literacy at Funkey Kids! Our goal is to teach children the fundamental movement skills needed to participate in all kinds of physical activities.
Funkey Kids programming is taught by energetic instructors who share a love for fitness! Our instructors have experience working with children in various educational and recreational settings. Our creative and FUN lessons help children develop a wide range of fundamental movement skills, such as: running, jumping, throwing, catching, kicking and striking.
In each lesson, children will participate in movement songs, stretching positions, locomotion activities and a gross motor circuit with equipment that changes weekly (i.e. balance beam, trampoline, etc). Children leave Funkey Kids lessons feeling happy, confident and energized.

ABC Music & Me

ABC Music & Me is an internationally renowned early childhood music and movement program. It is designed and proven to offer all the cognitive benefits of music and movement for young children. Specifically, it:

• Improves early language development, pre-literacy, and word recognition.
• Strengthens fine motor, gross-motor, and locomotor skills.
• Cultivates sharing, self-regulation, and self-control.


A classical ballet teacher with over 25 years of experience teaches ballet to students of all ages. She holds Advanced certificate in ballet dancing as well as teaching certificate from the Royal Academy of Dance.

The classes provide a fun and creative introduction to ballet, with lots of imaginative exercises. The program is designed to teach rhythm, musicality, balance and co-ordination.