About Us

Who We Are

Junior Scholars Preschool is the premiere preparatory school of Port Credit, Clarkson Village and Lorne Park. Our program is licensed by the Ministry of Education and regulated by the Child Care Quality Assurance and Licencing Early Years and Child Care Division to offer and provide a curriculum for children eighteen months to six years of age. Our curriculum includes mathematics, science and discovery, early computer and technology literacy, music and theatre, all aspects of language, reading, writing and oral development, arts and crafts, social studies and communication, French, physical education, and health, wellness and nutrition practices.

Our Excellence Oath

The health and well being of the children in our care is the principal concern of our experienced team of caregivers, teachers, Supervisors and Directors. Junior Scholars Preschool has developed a first-rate initiative to maintain observance to this value. Directors and Supervisors make unannounced, day-to-day, ongoing evaluations of each classroom in order to measure compliance with a wide scope of Health and Safety Policies and Procedures, as well as Curriculum and Program performance. While all provinces have licensing agencies that manage licensing requirements, Junior Scholars Preschool is further compelled to satisfy the standard for excellence in the childcare business …excellence that inspires forward-moving action and motivation.

Meet Our Team

Our team of experienced, caring professionals is dedicated to inspire your child’s natural ability to actively learn through independent discovery and expression, play and recreation, and teacher directed educational programming. We are proud to provide your child with a comprehensive educational experience all year round offering your family the choice of either a half or full-day schedule.

Sandy P. Ramos is the Director of Education for Junior Scholars Preschool and proud hands-on Supervisor.  Mrs. Ramos is a mother of three and is a respected authority on child development practicing child and family care and education for over twenty-five years. 

Junior Scholars staff are active members held in excellent standing of A.D.C.O. (Association of Day Care Operators), Raising the Bar in Peel- a quality initiative designed to enhance quality care in child care and early years programs, and P.I.R.S. (Peel Inclusion Resource Services)-a partnership between special needs resourcing programs and licensed providers that offer services to families and children before they start school.

What We Value

At Junior Scholars Preschool, our priority is for each child’s happiness and success. Our philosophy is simple. It is to lay the strongest foundation of confidence and academic success for each and every child. It is our constant and never-ending aim to provide each child with the opportunities, through academics and play, to make responsible decisions encouraging autonomy, self-esteem, focus, motivation and future accomplishment.
At Junior Scholars Preschool, we recognize that each child is unique and develop at different rates. To meet each child’s socio-emotional, physical and educational needs, the school has been divided into four classrooms. Each classroom has been divided into yet even smaller groups allowing for more one-on-one teacher/child interaction.
At Junior Scholars Preschool, we strive to create a supportive family atmosphere in which the program is a co-operative extension of both the home and community at large. Certainly, we believe that in order to meet the needs of each child, and to provide them with the best opportunity for success and achievement, a collaborative effort between home and community is encouraged. At Junior Scholars Preschool our objective is for each child to leave happy, confident and academically prepared to meet new challenges, and for each parent to be certain in knowing that they made the right choice for their child.